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G & Z Systems, Inc. was originally founded in February 1981 to provide multi-user business solutions.  In the mid-1980's, a need for a reliable polling solution for our customers' expanding multi-site operations brought us to the data transport/polling arena. What was required was the ability to move data quickly and without error between multiple sites, and we are proud of our success in meeting these data transport challenges.  Over the years we have developed substantial expertise in the ability to interpret and solve our customers' data transport challenges, and G & Z was named Computer Associates' North American value added distributor for data transport solutions.  As our customers' enterprises became more widespread and complex, we saw the need to bring not just data transport, but the entire enterprise under the systems management umbrella. In 1995, we were pleased to add Unicenter to our arsenal of data transport and enterprise management solutions. In 2002, we proudly introduced our PollView Solutions Family™– a complete suite of data transport and systems management solutions. Most recently, we released two new tools to enable better management of the Data Backup proceedure - ArcLog Distiller™ (for ARCserve and Backup Exec) and Aunty's BackCheck™ (for NTbackup.exe).

Now we find that in addition to initial design, implementation and support of new systems for our clients, we are increasingly being asked to apply our experience and expertise to the configuration and ongoing management of our customers' IT assets, especially in Storage, Security and Network Infrastructure.

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As we enter the new century, the key to success in the business world is the ability to collect, manage and properly utilize the ever growing supply of data.  With modern companies rapidly expanding beyond the old limits of geography, the ability to easily collect and transfer their data to central locations for analysis, and to re-distribute data, disburse software, and maintain their ever growing information technology enterprise, is surely a daunting task.   This challenge can be successfully met with the data transport and enterprise-wide management capabilities of the PollView family, ArcLog Distiller and Aunty's BackCheck combined with our over 25 years of expertise in analyzing and solving today's data management challenges.

G & Z's clients range from smaller operations with just a handfull of sites, to many of today's best known companies with thousands of locations.

Read About Our Success Partnering With CA
Read About Our Success Partnering With CA

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