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One click to bring a computer to its knees. One click to expose confidential information. That's all it takes - one click to lose everything. Hackers, Spam, Viruses, Spyware, and their deadly payloads, internal misuse, or 'just' a mistake is all it needs. Just one click and you are out of business. Are these doomsday scenarios, or is it only a matter of time?

System failures and slowdowns from various forms of malware are becoming more prevalent, but your business is even more likely to suffer loss of productivity through excessive web browsing, unauthorized downloads, and game playing. In fact, inappropriate browsing may open the door to sexual harassment charges.

To protect your profits you need to establish rules that regulate the use of your computer assets. You need to adopt operational best practices to help keep you and your employees from making that click. You also need to employ technology solutions that can protect you by limiting your exposure and that can monitor your usage.

Unfortunately, despite all of these defenses new threats are crafted every day and none of these protections work all of the time. You need defense in depth with layers of protection at the perimeter of your network as well as at the server and desktop. You need overlapping areas of protection.
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Network Infrastructure Management Solutions

If your Servers are the brains of your information system, and individual users' Work Stations are ears, eyes and hands that input and use the data, then the Network is the central nervous system that ties it all together. Whether wired or wireless or a blend of both, the proper setup, control and maintenance of this system is as critical to your business as Security and Storage. Our solutions within the Network Infrastructure Management Group encompass routers, switches and hubs, server operating system installation and configuration, Active Directory configuration and management,network management and user management. The ability to remotely distribute software to systems on the network, monitor those systems and remotely access them is available through Software Delivery, Asset Management and Remote Control. Some solutions are software only, some involve hardware or an appliance and some include on-going management by G & Z Systems.

With G & Z's Remote Managed Systems Solution, GZ-GAZE™, we can ease the burden of managing your network and systems, by remotely monitoring all workstations and servers; making certain your IT environment is functioning as it should, proactively attending to potential problems, and keeping you informed of your company's IT status with periodic reports. This type of service can often help remediate a potential or burgeoning problem before it has a serious impact on your systems. Perhaps your operation may be too small to warrant a dedicated IT professional to do this important monitoring. Perhaps, your operation is large enough to have a dedicated IT staff, but you'd prefer they attend to other important tasks. GZ-GAZE may be the perfect solution for you.

Storage Management Solutions

The Storage Management Group encompasses setup and, if requested, ongoing management of your systems/data backup. Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Unlike your physical assets, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to replace or recreate. Does your current backup/disaster recovery plan have a means to measure whether or not all important data is being backed up? How secure are the backups themselves, and what would be involved in getting that data back to a place where it can again be available to you? These critical questions can be answered with the solutions available within the Storage Management Group. Also available is the planning, setup and onging manangement of a disaster recovery plan. Like the Network Infrastructure Management Group, some solutions are software only, some involve hardware or an appliance and some include on-going management by G & Z Systems.

729K PDF Security Management Solutions

The Security Solutions Group encompases software from Computer Associates, Kaspersky and Symantec, appliances from Symantec, Sonicwall and Linksys and security management services from G & Z Systems. This group includes anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware software as well as protection from unauthorized entry onto your network and systems through the use of firewalls, intrusion detection and content inspection. Protection is available from both internal and external threats. Also available in this group are Vulnerability Assesments, both initial and ongoing. Like the Storage and the Network Infrastructure Management Groups, some solutions are software only, some involve an appliance and some include on-going management by G & Z Systems.


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