Polling Manager
Automated, Unattended Polling for Smaller Chain Store Enterprises

The MLINK™Polling Manager™
for Windows 95/98:

Easy to set up, easy to use, hands free polling.

Powerful Features 'Right Out of the Box'.
The MLINK Polling Manager for Windows is designed for companies with multiple remote locations. It is ideal for use with applications such as retail point-of-sale, sales force automation, and mobile computing. With the MLINK Polling Manager for Windows, polling sessions are centrally defined and scheduled to control sending and receiving of files, as well as execution of local and remote commands. Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Error Free data transport across multiple platforms.
  • Lower Costs with time saving data compression and checkpoint restart.
  • Reliable delivery of time-critical information.
  • Quick and Easy to set up, administrate and manage.
  • Site Groupings Minimize setup.

Money Saving Speed and Performance
The Polling Manager is an extension of the MLINK Data Transport System. The underlying CA-MLINK software provides compressed, error-free transfer of text and binary data. CA-MLINK is available for the widest range of operating platforms. Remote sites can include systems running DOS, Windows 3.1/95, Windows NT, UNIX, AIX, 4680/90, OS/2, and many more.

A character based MLINK Polling Manager is available for DOS, OS/2 and UNIX.

CA-MLINK ensures Fast, Guaranteed, Error Free file transfers:

  • Advanced Data Compression.
  • Adjustable frame size significantly reduces turnaround time in the event of a transmission error.

  • Blocks are automatically retransmitted until they are received correctly or until the user defined retry limit is exceeded.

Error Free
  • Provides automatic checkpoint/restart and error recovery in case of transmission failure.
  • Features CRC checksum algorithm to ensure error detection and correction.
  • Detects broken connections.
Adding and Modifying Sites is Easy.

The MLINK Polling Manager for Windows provides schedule or event driven execution of any combination of the following tasks:

Send File.  Allows you to send a file to be written on a remote system.
Receive File.   Allows you to retrieve a remote file to be written on a local system.
Local Command.   Allows you to execute a command on The Polling Manager Server.
Remote Command.   Allows you to send a command to be executed on a remote system.


Easy to use GUI Interface
The Polling Manager database contains all the information needed to poll your remote sites. The Windows graphical user interface with built in help provides all functions required for site setup and maintenance, polling initiation/shutdown, statistics and reporting. Each site record contains a site name, phone number, login and security information, schedule, and a list of file transfer and program execution tasks. In addition, tracing options can be set to diagnose communications problems on a site-by-site basis.

Site groups may be defined, and each site may belong to multiple groups. Site groups act like a routing list, operations such as transfer list updates, demand polling, post-poll processing, and reporting minimizes operation staff overhead.

The Polling Manager's batch update facility makes it easy to change task lists, en mass. You can add, delete, or replace transfer commands for one site, a list of sites, groups of sites or all sites.

The Polling Manager supports the concept of "data driven" polling enabling it to be controlled by external applications such as your back end accounting system.

Flexible Scheduling of Tasks
Schedules control when tasks are to be completed. Schedules may be specified for individual sites, groups of sites or for specific tasks allowing you to manage scheduling on both a site-by-site and task-by-task basis.

Real Time Monitoring of Polling Activity

Unattended, Supervised or Demand Polling
The Polling Manager can be run in unattended, supervised, or demand poll mode.
In unattended mode, the Polling Manager runs in the background, allowing hands free automatic daily polling. In supervised mode, session logging is directed to the display for analysis and troubleshooting. Demand poll mode is used to override schedules for ad hoc data transfer and repolling of failed sites.

In unattended mode the Polling Manager can respond to communication problems and automatically provide audit reporting. Since MLINK's dialing software can interpret the error codes returned by all autodial modems. Automatic retries may be configured to redial busy lines. Modem, port, and phone line problems are detected and, after a definable retry period, faulty ports are automatically disabled.

CA-MLINK: The Only Choice for Managed Data Transport
MLINK provides features that go beyond the simple transfer of information from one system to another. This robust functionality is what differentiates CA-MLINK from basic file transfer software products. These features help ensure the delivery of data when and where needed, and can help you meet your goals of providing greater return on investment to your organization through increased productivity and reduced network usage costs.

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