CA-XCOM™ Family Overview
Data movement is a mission-critical business function that most people take for granted until something goes wrong. As organizations grow, the ability to manage the growth and distribution of this information becomes increasingly more important. Properly implemented, CA-XCOM™ can provide a reliable and guaranteed delivery of this important corporate data.

(657K PDF) CA-XCOM™ Overview
CA-XCOM™ supports high speed transfers of files between all systems. It supports communications over more hardware environments than any other software product on the market today. Users can send files from local systems to remote systems across an SNA or TCP/IP network and actively retrieve files from those systems. The remote system can initiate the same range of transfer capabilities as local system. Under most conditions, XCOM will allow file sharing between any two computers or workstations within your company. XCOM allows data centers in various locations worldwide to interact with each other for a wide range of purposes, including:
  • Sharing data
  • Automating data and report distribution
  • Providing unattended back-up to dissimilar computers
  • Controlling and auditing network activities
  • Maintaining network security
  • Communicating with Point- Of -Sale (POS) terminals

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What's New in r11

XCOM offers the following mission critical features:
  • Customization capabilities
  • High-performance and scalability
  • Data Compression
  • Checkpoint Restart
  • Guaranteed delivery
A widely used, proven vehicle for the moving data between a growing number of dissimilar systems, XCOM provides security, recovery, scheduling and administrative facilities. By using CA-XCOM, our customers realize the following advantages:
  • Effectively utilize the existing investments in data processing hardware
  • Reduce costs by replacing multiple information transfer products with a single,easy-to -use package
  • Reduce operations and end-user staff training costs by implementing a centrally controlled, highly-automated data transfer solution
  • Provide an environment that supports the development of strategic new applications
  • Increase the flexibility and accessibility of remote computers, allowing your organization to respond quickly and accurately to changing business needs

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