Storage Solutions Overview
The Storage Solutions Group encompasses software from Computer Associates and Symantec, a variety of hardware from several vendors and storage management services from G & Z Systems. It also includes our own product, ArcLog Distiller, which can be used as a tool to help provide an initial assessment of the backup environment, for on-going management and review of the backup environment and as a purchasable solution for the user to help manage their backup environment. This group includes software for the backing up of data to hardware devices, including removable media that can be taken off-site, as well as the ability to restore this data in a timely fashion. It also includes tools to aid in the recovery or recreation of failed systems. Different solutions offer varying degrees of recovery time. We will help you determine the best solution based on your operation's needs for limited down time due to a failure and the constraints of your budget. Some solutions are software only, some involve an appliance and some include on-going management by G & Z Systems.



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38K PDF Symantec™ Backup Exec™

Symantec Backup Exec™ for Windows Servers is designed for disk, delivering more reliable, faster, and more efficient true continuous data protection for Windows servers. Backup Exec revolutionizes data protection by eliminating backup windows and introducing the industry's first web-based file retrieval. Combined with its existing family of high performance agents and options to protect Windows, Linux, and UNIX server data, as well as desktops and laptops, Backup Exec delivers the only comprehensive disk and tape based solution. One vendor - One solution - Complete protection. Just add data.

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How to Monitor and Manage Backup Jobs

32K PDF Symantec™ Backup Exec System Recovery™

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery combines the speed and reliability of disk-based, bare-metal Windows system recovery with revolutionary technologies for hardware-independent restoration and lights-out operation. The result is unparalleled freedom to restore systems anytime, from anywhere, to virtually any device.

Administrators can now dramatically minimize downtime by rapidly recovering entire systems to dissimilar hardware platforms or even to virtual environments. You can also remotely restore unattended servers (including blade servers) in distributed locations from a Windows desktop, laptop or Pocket PC.

The suite also provides centralized, policy-based management capabilities allowing IT administrators to monitor and report on recovery point status for thousands of remote systems and auto-discover unprotected systems. Desktop options also available.

729K PDF SonicWALL® Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For backing up and recovering data, tape is a reliability and manageability nightmare. Now there's a smarter, simpler, more automated way to protect your data: SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection (CDP). SonicWALL's disk-based CDP solution lets you easily and continuously backup your data and instantly recover previous versions. Data can be secured locally, and in addition, can be backed up to an offsite location as well. SonicWALL CDP works in real-time to automatically backup all your servers - file, Exchange, SQL database and application - as well as laptops and PCs. SonicWALL CDP only backs up block level differences within each file, then compresses them without slowing network performance. By enabling SonicWALL's Bare Metal Recovery service, you can also easily restore operating system files, programs, databases, and settings.

Buy SyncBackSE V5.6.0.34 RIGHT NOW!!! SyncBackSE

Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media. Highly configurable, SyncBackSE includes: open/locked file copying; file versioning; fast backup option; true synchronization; Zip64 support; compression filtering; detailed and easy to read log files; email results; simulated backups and restore; file filters; sub-directory selection; copy verification; background backups; auto-close of programs; profile groups; compare files, and an extensive context sensitive help file. As well as English, SyncBackSE is also available in Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. SyncBackSE, developed by 2BrightSparks, is a multi-award winning solution with tens of thousands of users. SyncBackSE provides a dependable way of ensuring digital files are safe with a simple interface that enables the first time user to backup and save their valuable data within minutes. As well as an 'Easy Mode' for essential backup, restore, and synchronization tasks, SyncBackSE has an 'Expert Mode' that delivers advanced functionality. If you need to backup to an FTP server or network and email the results this is where you'll fine-tune the software. SSL (implicit and explicit), MODE Z compression, and one-time-passwords are supported. Help is always close to hand if you run into difficulties. A comprehensive context sensitive help file provides easily accessible instructions and guidance about all aspects of using SyncBackSE. Simply click a help button at the bottom of the window you happen to have open, and you'll get taken straight to the help page for that task. In addition an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section provides all the answers you're likely to ask when carrying out a backup, restore, or synchronization task. A lively public forum is also available at the website.

91K PDF ArcLog Distiller™

Whether you have a single backup server or scores of servers backing up hundreds of systems, the only way to insure the integrity of your backups is through analysis of the job logs everyday. That's tedious, time consuming and error prone. ArcLog Distiller automatically produces graphical and report views of the status of your backups by "distilling" these job logs and, with additional information pulled from the activity log, stores them for later analysis. Easy to see summary and detail reports help you manage your backup environment. Save valuable time, preserve your sanity and stop worrying about the possibility that your backups will not have the data you'll need when that disaster occurs. Know the integrity of your backups - don't guess - with ArcLog Distiller. For users of BrightStor ARCserve and Veritas Backup Exec.

G & Z Systems can offer you an ArcLog Distiller scan as part of our initial storage assessment, as part of an on-going program of systems backup review, or as a tool which you may purchase for your own use.

91K PDF Aunty's BackCheck™

Aunty's BackCheck reports the status of ntbackup.exe jobs to you via email. It can be run as a scheduled task, or interactively. When run as a scheduled task, it scans the most recent ntbackup.exe job log and will

  • Send an email alert when a job is nearing tape capacity
  • Or simply report information about the job.

Are you responsible for monitoring backups for one server on your local network? Perhaps your responsibilities include monitoring multiple servers outside your organization? BackCheck will simplify your job by automatically emailing the status of the last backup job as scheduled. No need to connect to the remote server - the info is delivered right to your mailbox. Imagine not having to hunt down the latest job log and read the raw log for its results. And if you need to keep historical tracking of backup data, Back Check optionally includes its output in CSV format for inclusion in a spreadsheet or database.

Physical Storage Devices

The choice of available storage devices, both fixed and removable, is extremely wide. Additionally, the hardware market is a rapidly changing one - in order to offer you the very best solution available for your unique needs, we do not limit ourselves to any one hardware vendor. We will assess your operation's individual and unique requirements and recommend the appropriate systems and devices. A partial list of hardware vendors whose devices we recommend follows:


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