MLINK, ACM, PollView Maintenance Explained


G& Z Systems, Inc. (“GZ”) is a source code licensee for CA-MLINK and CA-ACM and as such provides all levels of support for these and any modified version of these products provided by GZ. GZ is the creator and sole provider of the PollView interface product.

Customers under maintenance are entitled to any bug fixes or enhancements made to the core products by GZ.

Customers under maintenance are entitled to receive telephone support for the products during GZ’s standard business hours. Telephone support includes calls related to suspected bugs in the products, operational questions and general usage questions. GZ may require remote access to assist in the discovery and resolution of product issues. Customer agrees to provide such remote access upon GZ request. In the event that a product bug is identified GZ does not warrant that a fix will be made available. 

In the unlikely event that a customer experiences a critical failure of the products covered under maintenance the customer is encouraged to both email and to call GZ regardless of day of week or time as the office may in fact be manned beyond standard business hours.

Customers under maintenance are entitled to a 20% discount from GZ’s standard billable rates for services not covered under maintenance.

Customers under maintenance may be eligible for discounts for operating system platform changes for the products.

Customers under maintenance have access to product specific gateways on the GZ website. Such gateways are not available to the general public.

The following items are not covered under maintenance:

  • Training
  • Data Entry
  • Product Installation
  • Product Configuration
    • Configuration includes but is not limited to the creation of Mlink Scripts, Task Lists, Schedules, and operating system scripts or batch files.
  • System Design
  • Data Recovery
    • Customers are highly encouraged to have current backups of all systems on which the products are installed.

All product and service names listed on this and any other pages of this site are either registered trademarks or service marks or common law trademarks or service marks of Computer Associates International, Inc., or G & Z Systems, Inc.,. All other product names referenced herein are trademarks or service marks of their respective companies.

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