PollView Advanced/PollView Enterprise - Failsafe Option (FSO)
A Complete Failover Solution for Your Mission-Critical Polling Operations
Don't Let A Failed Server Wash Out Your Polling Plans!

G&Z Systems announces the Failsafe Option (FSO) for its PollView Advanced and Enterprise polling solutions. FSO provides a complete failover solution for your mission-critical polling operations.

Based on two key CA technologies, CA-Unicenter, and SurviveIT (also known as the ARCserve Replication Service), FSO allows a hot backup system to assume the polling operations within minutes of a catastrophic primary server failure--automatically and unattended. The backup server will assume the identity of the failed system and resume polling at the same point the primary left off. Files already transferred are not needlessly re-transferred, and no sites will miss their polling session.

Underlying the failover features of FSO is CA's SurviveIT, an award-winning product that provides data replication of the primary to the backup server and constant monitoring of the health of the primary by the backup. It is adaptable to your network architecture and speed, providing a unique "intelligent failover," that can be configured to use several avenues to verify that the primary has failed. Once the backup assumes the primary's role, it looks exactly like the primary to any other machine in the network--IP address, computer name, shares, selected directories--all are replicated on the backup system. Once the primary server is restored to health, a simple reinstatement wizard is run to synchronize the data back to the primary and allow it to resume its role.

G&Z can provide the services needed to implement this hot backup scenario with your existing polling regardless of how your polling server has been implemented. For example, if you are running CA-MLINK Server, plus Microsoft SQL Server and CA-Unicenter all on the primary polling system, all three of these components can be failed over. If you have SQL on a separate system (perhaps with its own high-availability solution), just CA-MLINK can be failed over. Any combination can be supported.

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